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Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah

The academic year 2007-2008, Second Semester

The Name of the Lesson: Labor Law

Examiner: Master Kioumars Sepehri

Dear students, please:

Write legibly and accurately.

Since inference from questions is part of the exam, do not ask questions in the session.

Answer only four of the five questions of your choice, the score of the questions is the same.

The use of the law or any kind of book or pamphlet is not permitted.

1. What does it mean to say that labor rights are related to public order?

2. Only the sources of labor law are mentioned and by which authorities are the regulations and instructions mentioned in the labor law approved?

3. A. What individuals or groups have been excluded from the scope of labor law? (Name only).

B. A person has been hired as a workshop manager and is paid by the employer. Is he considered a worker or not? Why?

4. A. Name only the features of the employment contract.

B. What does it mean to say that a work contract is a contract of two obligations?

C. Will the workers working for the contractors of public and private agencies have the right to continue working with the completion of the contract of the contractor (and the conclusion of the contract between the government and the new contractor)? (Does the new contractor have the duty to accept them or not?) Write your arguments.

5. A. Who are the members of the Dispute Resolution Board?

B. What are the rights if a worker is illegally fired by the Dispute Resolution Board?

C. If the definitive votes of the labor dispute resolution authorities are to the detriment of the governmental and public bodies, can they be challenged in a reference or not? In any case, write your arguments and citations.

Wish you Success