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In The Name Of God

Spirituality and holiness of advocacy and judgment based on science and ethics

By: Kioumars Sepehri

Among the occupations that are known as honorable jobs are advocacy and judgment, why these jobs are considered honorable has some causes. One of the reasons for this is certainly the wise assumption of the employees of these jobs and the role of science and knowledge and thought and thinking in these two jobs. Doing so requires a spirit of scientism, study, research, and criticism, because in addition to the fact that jurisprudence is so broad, legal issues are so vast, it is becoming more widespread, and more importantly, that such matters are the product of human thought. It is, therefore, for a correct understanding of the judiciary or we have to have basic equipment. Having a bachelor's or master's degree is not enough, so to do a wise defense and do a better job or make a fair judgment, it is impossible to quote the four articles of the law, which may not even be possible at the time of filing the case. Be it, it cannot be a way to solve the task of a lawyer.

He thinks in a formal way and deprives himself of the power of logical inference and reasoning. In addition, according to the emphasis of the Holy Quran:

Doing these jobs requires effort and effort, which must be done in any case, so it is unlikely that anyone who does so will be irresponsible, mundane, and indifferent to the case, because acting wisely and trying to do so. It requires dynamism and effort, it makes the agent dynamic and progressive, so the person who does so basically enjoys his work and certainly achieves new findings in any subject that can somehow help in other matters. It's his job. Therefore, because doing work in these jobs always requires intellectual effort and effort, and as a result, the action of its agents is a kind of intellectual product that is based on correct and principled bases, not doing repetitive material actions, work and action has high value and its action is achieved. He strives for justice. He is considered honorable, and God willing, he will be rewarded, and the intellectuals of the society will recognize the issue well, as the religious leaders have said, the pen of the scientist is better than the blood of the martyrs.

Therefore, a person who acts differently and responsibly may be told that he has not observed professional dignity and that the practice has a minimum value and may be subject to retribution. And perhaps this is why religious leaders have said: The scholars of the rulers over the people and the virtues of the scholars of the scholars are like the superiority of the Prophet.

On the other hand, law is the science of regulating social relations. Human relations are constantly changing. This transformation brings new needs that require new legal solutions. The legislature usually makes regulations following these developments. Sometimes he doesn't think about legislation, he doesn't get a chance. Understanding the correct legal rules of these phenomena and social relations is the duty of lawyers, an important part of which is the responsibility of lawyers and judges. Therefore, it is necessary that these two groups of lawyers, in addition to public information. Highly aware of the social situation of the day, they should be able to adapt the problems of the new situation to the existing legal rules, implement what is real justice, and this can be done by studying the results of new research and reading new articles and writings to a great extent. Can.

Therefore, we should try to pursue the valuable work of advocacy and judgment, not only materially and professionally, but also with the intention of realizing the right and enforcing justice and eliminating oppression and the problems of human beings. Let's come and use the power and authority that society has given us to make the most of the real service by equipping ourselves with science, creativity and professional perfection.