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In The Name Of God

The lawyer's duty is to try to make peace and reconcile the parties

By: Kioumars Sepehri

According to religious teachings and based on rational and conscientious logic and the principles of social and human behavior, peace and harmony have been encouraged and emphasized, and those who work in this field and have the ability to resolve disputes and disputes are always respected and respected by the people. They are and in some ways rule the hearts of individuals, including those who can be effective and active in peace and reconciliation. They are litigants, because of the nature of the work of many people who are in some way at odds with each other. Consulting and providing a professional solution or accepting a power of attorney and filing a lawsuit against him, in In this case, a lawyer who is proficient in affairs and feels more responsible and always has the real interest of clients, clients and people in mind can provide the ground for peace and reconciliation, and this can be manifested in various ways, including In many cases, people may have different causes In order to file a lawsuit and formalize their disputes, make hasty decisions, without considering the consequences and effects on themselves and the litigant and other affected persons in the case. In this case, the lawyer can calm him down well and He should avoid hasty decisions, and the lawyer should not make decisions out of emotion, quickly become subject to emotions, forget about reason and logic, or in some cases, although the right is with the client and the client, he may negotiate and invite his party to resolve the dispute. And the chapter on the case and a little short of what the client is emphasizing and so-called with a reasonable discount can be He ended the situation well, without being caught in a quarrel for months or even years in the judiciary and other authorities, in this case, although one hundred percent right It is up to the client to take a certain amount of money or for his party to have committed a criminal act, but given that most clients are active members of society, a speedy resolution of the case is always in the interest of both parties, because it is possible. It is possible to get more money by filing a lawsuit (assuming there are no specific problems), but if he takes less money at the beginning of the case and spends his time and money on the main issues, he will definitely benefit more in the stress and anxiety of court hearings and opinions. Experts and 2. In order to succeed in reforming the parties, the problems and risks and difficulties of filing a lawsuit or continuing it for the client or his party and the many benefits of ending the dispute and the subsequent results of peace and reconciliation and preventing conflict that can be the source of other issues, in different angles. He used the details of the lawyer's specialized work, as well as the social and psychological perspectives.

It may seem that this will cause the lawyer to lose his income, but this does not seem to be the case, because first of all, the lawyer is worthy of his actions (such as consulting and organizing negotiation meetings and writing agreements and other possible actions). Remuneration will be significant, and clients and clients who have this field will certainly not bother to hire a lawyer, and secondly, these same people will generally be among those who encourage others to go to a lawyer to do their work, and thirdly, to take action. Advocacy conciliation is certainly one of the issues in public opinion and the courts and He portrays Kyle as a good lawyer, and this will be very important, although its effect may not be immediate, and its spiritual reward will not be comparable to that of the past, and let us not forget that our day is destined to one day bring the Creator of the universe. In any case, it seems that the human, moral, religious and legal duty of the lawyer requires that he try in every way possible (as usual) to reform between the parties.

As stated in Article 31 of the Law on the Amendment of Part of the Rules of Justice (as follows: Attorneys should try to pursue legal action in criminal cases or criminal cases where the plaintiff's legal action is terminated before the plaintiff's death. The parties to the dispute must compromise and specify the performance of this duty in the petition or defense, also after the lawsuit is filed and during the proceedings they have their own efforts in this field (and a shortcoming in this regard is against the responsibility, nature and dignity of the lawyer.

And in the words of Sweet Speech Hafiz:

To say a wisdom word, is it permissible

Dearest! Peace is much better than war and judgment